Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring Train Depot - 1910

Old Town Spring is one of the most vibrant shopping districts in the Greater Houston area. With a wealth of unique stores and fine eateries, Old Town Spring attracts visitors and shoppers year round to experience the delights of contemporary shopping in a traditional old town environment.

Old Town Spring is a quaint village, comprising of buildings which date from the Victorian era. Once a thriving residential town, Old Town Spring is now a major shopping area. Our stores comprise of unique antique shops, spas, specialty interest stores and a whole range of other shops you will not find on any local high street.

Old Town Spring is steeped in History. The site of our town was once home to the Orcoquisa Indians. Our first trading post was established in the 1600′s.

In the 1800′s, Old Town Spring began to flourish as a trade and residential area. In the 1870′s, the railroad was constructed through the area and settlers started to inhabit the area. The railroad allowed the community to grow and provided new business opportunities to this small area.

The Real Bonnie and Clyde

During the 1930′s, Old Town Spring became firmly cemented in contemporary folk law. In 1932 the Spring State Bank (now The Steel Horse) was subject to a robbery by the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. The bullet holes from the robbery can still be seen today on the exterior of the building (also, if you ask nicely, the owners will let you see the old vault).

Old Town Spring went into decline during the decades that followed. However, during the 1970′s it was conceptualized to turn Old Town Spring into a shopping area and tourist attraction.

Old Town Spring is now rejuvenated. The buildings which once served as homes to railroad workers have now been turned into some of the most unique stores and restaurants Texas has to offer. It is no surprise that Old Town Spring is voted as one of Texas’ top attractions on a yearly basis.

Old Town Spring Today

Old Town Spring also plays host to a number of festivals and events throughout the year. To find out more about our events, please visit our OTS Events page.

With stores ranging from the eclectic to the traditional, Old Town Spring is a shopping experience for everyone. We know that one visit to our town will inspire you to return time and time again.